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The New Orleans Saints are the 2010 NFC Champions.

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Q: Who is the NFC champion?
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What is this years Super Bowl?

The AFC Champion, the Colts and the NFC Champion, the Saints:) It will be a great game...

If you win the NFC championship game where can you go?

if you win the championship game for the NFC, you go to the super bowl vs. the AFC champion

What determines who goes to the Super Bowl?

There are two groups of football teams: AFC and NFC. The teams with the most wins in the AFC go against each other in the Playoffs for the title of AFC Champions. The teams with the most wins in the NFC go against each other in the Playoffs for the title of NFC Champions. The AFC Champion team and the NFC Champion team are the teams in the Super Bowl.

Did the Philadelphia Eagles ever play against the New York Gaints in the Super Bowl?

No, because the Super Bowl is a matchup between the NFC Conference Champion and the AFC Conference Champion, and the Eagles & Giants are both in the same Conference and Division (NFC East).

What year was first NFC AFC championship?

That would be in 1971 (Super Bowl V) when the Baltimore Colts of the AFC defeated the Dallas Cowboys of the NFC 16-13. The previous four Super Bowls were played between the NFL champion and the AFL champion.

How many teams go to the Super Bowl?

Two teams, the AFC Conference Champion and the NFC Conference Champion, go to the Super Bowl each season.

What is the different between the Super Bowl and the pro bowl?

The Super Bowl decides the NFL champion and is played by the winners of the NFC and AFC championships. the Pro Bowl is a less serious game played by the best players in the NFC and the best in the NFC, selected by voting

Who wears white for their uniforms in the Super Bowl?

It alternates every year. Last year, the NFC champion Saints wore white. This year, the AFC champion Steelers wear white.

Which NFL team won the NFC Championship last year?

The NFC champion for the 2006 season was the Chicago Bears. The Bears wound up losing the the Indianapolis Colts, 29-17, in Super Bowl XLI.

Can Dallas Cowboys play New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl?

No, because both teams are in the National Football Conference. The Super Bowl is played each year between the NFC champion and American Football Conference champion. The best postseason matchup featuring the Cowboys and the Saints would be an NFC Championship Game.

Do NFC Champion players get a ring?

yes they do but , they really just look like superbowl rings if u don't believe me Google it

Did raiders and the patriots ever play against each other in the Super Bowl?

No. The superbowl has always been the NFC champion vs the AFC champion. The Raiders and the Patriots are both in the AFC, therefore it is not possible for them to play in the superbowl

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