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i would say becchio who is worth 7 million at least and snodgrass would not be far behind if not more expensive but kasper schmeichel is also worth at least 6 million !!

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Q: Who is the Most expensive leeds united player?
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Most expensive football defender in England?

Rio Ferdinand - from Leeds United to Man U - 30 mil +

Most capped player for leeds united?

The most capped player for Leeds in the league was Jack Charlton who made 629 appearances between 1952 - 1973 and the record for most capped in all competitions is shared between Jack Charlton and Billy Bremner.

Who was Cambridge united's most expensive player?

The most expensive player bought was Steve Claridge from Luton in November 1992 for £190,000 and the most expensive player sold was Trevor Benjamin to Leicester in July 2000.

Are Leeds United perhaps the most embarrassing team in football?


Who has scored the most goals for leeds united 2009 season?

Jermaine Beckford.

Most expensive football player?

Cristiano Ronaldo went from Manchester United to Real Madrid for about 80,000,000$.

What is the most expensive car in United States?

The most expensive car in the United States is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster.

Who is ac milans most expensive player?

A.c.Milans most expensive player is Ronoldhino.

Most Expensive Football Player in World?

Cristiano Ronaldo who was bought for £80million from Man United by Real Madrid.

Who became machester united's most expensive player in 2008?

Dimitar Berbatov from Tottenham for 30.75 million pounds.

Who is the most expensive british footballer when you add up transfer fees?

1.Andy Carroll Newcastle-Liverpool £35million 2.Rio Ferdinand Leeds-Man united £29.1million 3.Wayne Rooney Everton-Man united £25.6million Totaling=£89.7million

Who is the word most expensive football player?

Christiano Ronaldo £80 million bought from Man United to Real Madrid