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wait until the 2010 free agency and sighn rick Nash and give him the C

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Q: Who is the Maple Leafs Captain of the 2009 2010 Season?
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How many points did the Toronto Maple Leafs end the regular season with in 2008-2009?

81 pts.

Who won the 2009-2010 season series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs?

They won 3 games each

Most profitable team in the NHL in 2009?

maple leafs

Who starts in net on monday December 14 2009 for the Toronto maple leafs?


Did the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup in 2008 2009?

The Toronto Maple Leafs did not win the Stanley Cup for the 2008-2009 season. No, don't get me wrong i am a die hard Leafs fan! they just don't have the potential right now, before 2012 is possible. They are a rebuilding team and there not playing to win it all they are playing to get draft picks. They will have supper stars soon, now the the combined Burke and and Wilson there is now better team of management in the NHL. I predict the next Leafs will be, Rick Nash, Matin St.Louis, Corey Parry, and A tough guy. They will then have high Potential. Hope this helped and GO LEAFS GO!

Who was the New York Mets captain for the 2009 season?

The New York Mets did not have a team captain in 2009. They have not had a captain since John Franco in 2004.

What team was James reimer in 2009?

James Reimer was drafted 99th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2006, and has been on the team ever since.

Who is the Captain for the Springfield Falcons in the 2009-2010 season?

Rick Nash

Who played for the maple leafs and Tampa Bay lightning?

Defenseman Pavel Kubina. Tampa Bay 1997-2004, Toronto 2004-2009. He is now playing with the Atlanta Thrashers.

How do you get golden maple leafs in Maplestory?

Golden Maple Leaves were given out as part of an event, over the summer of 2009. However this event has been discontinued for the moment so it is impossible to get Golden Maple Leaves in the normal fashion. You can get them from other players who took part in the event, but be warned; they are currently useless.

What is the worst hockey team?

This is kind of an unusual question because the answer is very subjective and it also depends on when the question is asked. Statistically, at the end of the 2009/2010 season the worst team in the NHL was the Edmonton Oilers.

What are the Top 3 Canadian NHL teams in NHL?

K, I'm just going to assume this is about NHL. Ottawa-Senators Toronto-Maple Leafs Edmonton-Oilers Montreal-Canadians Calgary-Flames Vancouver-Cunucks So 6