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There are no records kept for ground rule doubles.

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Lou Gehrig with 534.

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Q: Who is the MLB all time ground rule double leader?
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Is it a home run if the defensive player picks up a ground rule double?

No, a ground rule double is ruled by an umpire, and once it is ruled, then it is a double. You may have a case where a ball gets stuck under the padding on the outfield wall, or stuck in the ivy at Wrigley Field, where the fielder will put his hands up asking for a ground rule double. In this case if the umpire does not rule immediately base runners will continue running, when the batter reaches home, the umpire will go out and determine if in fact it is a ground rule double if the ball is actually lost in the ivy of Wrigley Field, or at other ball parks, if the ball is actually stuck under the wall padding. It is up to the umpire at that time to decide if it is a home run or a ground rule double. However, most ground rule doubles involve a ball that is fair and bounces into the stands, if this happens, it cannot be a home run in anyway

What is an effective ground rule for a group meeting?

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What is ground rule double due to fan interference if a runner on first base has already passed second before the fan touches the ball?

The batter and each runner is awarded 2 bases from where they were at the time of the pitch.

When was the first year of the ground rule double?

1888 was the first year for the ground rule double. However back then it was for a batted fair ball that cleared the fence that was less than 210 feet from home plate. It was changed in 1892, the distance now being less than 235 feet from home plate. In 1926 it was changed again, this time the distance was less than 250 feet. Finally in 1932 it was changed to a fair batted ball that bounces over or goes through a fence or into the stands.

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What is the baseball hit into the stads a fair or foul ball?

It can be either. If the ball is hit into the air and is in foul territory at any time, it counts as a foul ball if it goes into the stands. If the ball is in the air and is in fair territory when it goes into the stands, it's a home run. If the ball is in fair territory and hits the ground, then bounces into the stands in fair territory, it's a ground rule double. If the ball bounces in fair territory but then bounces into the stands in foul territory past the infield, it's also a ground rule double. If the ball bounces in fair territory, but then bounces into the stands before it passes 1st or 3rd base, it's a foul ball.

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