Who is the MLA of Edmonton?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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There are several MLAs from Edmonton

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Q: Who is the MLA of Edmonton?
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Is the Premier of Alberta an MLA?

Yes. David Hancock, incumbent Premier of Alberta, is the Member of Legislative Assembly for the Edmonton-Whitemud riding. Although it is not technically a requirement to be Premier of Alberta, it would be very hard to conduct business if the Premier were not an MLA.

Can we say' he was an MLA of karnataka or we say he was' MLA of karnataka 'or he was' the MLA of karnataka 'want to know whether it is an MLA or a MLA or just MLA.?

he is an MLA

What are MLA backbencher?

An MLA backbencher is a newly elected MLA

Why was edmontonccalled Edmonton?

Edmonton was called Edmonton because of fort Edmonton which was named after Edmonton England

Explain the difference between being MLA and MLA who is also a minister?

MLA are together for the work of the governmet.

Who is the MLA for Richmond BC?

MLA is a person.

Who is the MLA of mumbai?

There are several MLA's in mumbai.

Is MLA is a Gazetted officer?

mla is gazisted offircer

Is a mla a gazetted officer?

mla is gazisted offircer

How many mla are there in andhra pradesh?

49 MLA

What is the name of Alberta MLA?

Alberta has more than one MLA.

Can you email a MLA document?

yes......but it depends on what kind of MLA document your talking about.......but yes you can email an MLA document