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Bill Polian

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Q: Who is the Indianapolis Colts franchise president?
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What year did the colts begin in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Colts NFL franchise began in 1953, and is currently known as the Indianapolis Colts.

How many Super Bowls has the Indianapolis Colts played in?

The Indianapolis Colts have played in two Super Bowls. The franchise has played in two other Super Bowls as the Baltimore Colts.

Where is the team Colts from?

Baltimore is the only other city that the colts have called home. The Colts were established as a franchise in 1946. They moved to Indianapolis in 1984, where they have remained since.

What is the Indianapolis Colts team worth?

According to a Forbes study in 2005, the Colts franchise was valued at $715 million.

How many Super Bowls have the Idianapolis Colts won in franchise history?

INDIANAPOLIS franchise only 1. Colts altogether 2. Super Bowl V (Baltimore Colts) Super Bowl XLI (Indy Colts)

Where did the Indianapolis Colts get their name?

The franchise originated in Baltimore, an area known for its horse breeding.

How long have the colts been in indanapols?

2,ooo,ooo,ooo years

What is the worst lost for Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Indianapolis colt?

The Bucs' worst loss to the Indianapolis Colts was 33-14 on October 7, 2007.The Bucs' worst loss to the Colts franchise was 42-17 on October 3, 1976. The Colts were located in Baltimore at the time.

Did the Colts ever try and move back to Baltimore?

No. The departure rankles to this day. Whenever the Colts play at Baltimore, the scoreboard refers to them as "Indianapolis" rather than the "Colts" (as they do for each other NFL franchise).

Where did the colts start their franchise?

the Colts got their franchise start in Baltimore...which is the source of the hatred of the Indianaplois Colts by the state of Maryland. they are still angry over the move of the Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis in the dark of night w/o so much as a word tothe fans until the deal was done and the move was complete

When was Indianapolis Colts created?

Indianapolis Colts was created in 1953.

Where are the Indiana colts from?

The Indianapolis Colts are from Indiana.