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Q: Who is the Indian player to complete six Olympic games?
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How many Indian player are participate in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?


Which of the five continents that complete in the Olympic games have not been awarded the Olympic games to be held in their continent?


Which Indian football player had participated in olympic games also captained ranji trophy cricket team for his state?

Chuni Goswami

In what year and at which Olympic games did the Indian hockey team use the Indian dribble?


The first Indian athlete to compete in the Olympic Games?

Milkha Singh

Who is the Indian shooter who won the silver medal in olympic games?

brazil shamarky

Which Indian film actor had participate as a member of Indian cycling team in olympic game?

Jankidas Mehra had participated in the olympic games. He participated with the Indian cycling team. He was born in the year 1910.

Is Kaka in the winter olympic games?

Kaka is a soccer player. Soccer is not an Winter Olympic sport.

Which Indian actor ran with the olympic tourch in London games 2012?

amitabh bachhan

Who is the team captain of India that won gold medal at the 1928 olympic games?

Major Dhyan 'Chand' Singh, widely regarded as the greatest hockey player of all time, was the captain of the Indian National Hockey Team that won the gold medal at 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games.

In how many Olympic Games has the Indian tennis player Leander Paes participated?

The 2008 Games in Beijing will be Leander Paes' fourth Olympics (1996, 2000, 2004). He won the bronze medal in men's singles at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

Who was the best basketball player in the Olympic games?

Michael Jordan