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There are a number of indian cricketers involved in the recent match fixing scandal which was unearthed more than a month ago. One of the famous one includes the troubled young star Srikanth.

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Q: Who is the Indian cricketer involved in the recent match fixing scandal?
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Who is the cricketer involved in the recent match fixing scandal?

At lords pakistani cricketers- Muhammad asif, salman butt and Muhammad aamir was involved in the spot fixing by mazhar majeed bowling massive no balls. In IPL 5 players- Shalabhs srivastava and arun Bali of Punjab, tp sudhindra and amit yadav of Decca and mohnish mishra of pune were involved in match fixing.

Which Indian test cricketer accusede of spot fixing in IPL 2013?


Which Indian cricketer has been accused of spot fixing in ipl 2013?

Santhkumaran Sreesanth

Who is the former Blackcap on trial for match fixing?

Former Black Caps cricketer Chris Cairns is involved in a court battle over allegations of match-fixing made against him by ex-Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi.

Which sa cricketer got a life ban after he accepted his match fixing scandal?

Wessels Johannes Cronje, better known as Hansie Cronje.

Where can nitrogen-fixing be found?

By N fixing bacteria.Also human involved in now

What are the name Of players involved in match fixing in IPL?

ms dhoni is match fixing

Which past NZ cricketer is in court in London defending himself against claims of match fixing?

adam Parore

Scandal on Italian Serie A league?

The year Juventus were demoted after winning the serie A League cup , for match fixing.

What adaptations does the Indian Paintbrush have?

they have a symbiotic relationship with a nitrogen fixing bacteria so they can have a better source of nitrogen

Is Indian team better than Pakistan?

yesss they aree!! younas khan is alwayz fixing matches i bet the t20 match was fixed

Is Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amer innocent in match-fixing?

Who you think is completely innocent in any cricket team e.g. Azhar Uddin, Ajay Jedeja, Hansie Cronie, Mark Waugh, Shane Warne, Salim malik etc