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Hakeem Olajawon

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Q: Who is the Highest scoring foreign born player in NBA?
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What state has the highest percentage of residents born in other countries?

California has the highest percentage of foreign born residents. As of 2010 census, California's foreign residents made up 27% of the total population.

Who was the first foreign born player in MLB?

Roberto Clemente

The highest percentage 26 percent of the foreign-born population living in a state was in which state?


The highest percentage of increase of foreign-born population from 1990 to 2000 occurred in which state?

North Carolina

Who is the highest paid American born soccer player?

The highest paid American born player is Giuseppe Rossi although he is from the states, he does not play for the US National team. He plays for Italy National team

Who is the highest paid WMBA player?

The highest paid WMBA player is Shaun Palmer. Palmer was born on 14th of November year 1968 in South Lake Tahoe.

Who is the top US born NHL player with most points?

Mike Modano is the all-time goal-scoring and points leader amongst American-born players in the NHL.

How do you get foreign passport?

Be born in a foreign country

What five American states have had the highest percentage increase in foreign-born residents between 1990-2000?

North Carolina Georgia Nevada Arkansas Utah

What foreign born player has hit the most career HRS in MLB?

Sammy Sosa, born in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic with 609.

When was Sam White - foreign correspondent - born?

Sam White - foreign correspondent - was born in 1913.

What country has all military is foreign born soldiers?

The French Foreign Legion consists of mostly foreign born men, it's officers are French.

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