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My Big Brother Amir Rasuli He Will Be So Happy If He Meets Everyone On The Green Bay Packers And He Would Be The Happiest Person In The World If He Plays A Game With Them

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Q: Who is the Green Bay Packers biggest fan?
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When was Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame created?

Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame was created in 1998.

The Green Bay Packers Fan sites?

on, there are alot of packers fan out there(if you would join)

Is Miley Cyrus a Green Bay Packers fan?


Does lil Wayne like the patriots?

He's a Green Bay Packers fan , he has a blog about it .

Where can one purchase a Green Bay Packers jersey autographed by a player?

Someone who is a Green Bay Packers fan could buy an autographed jersey from SportsMemorabilia. A few other websites are Amazon and ProSportsMemorabilia.

Does lil Wayne like the Green Bay Packers?

yes he likes the song green & yellow he states :: Yeah I'm from New Orleans, but I been a Packers fan

What players from the Green Bay Packers went to the Pro Bowl this year?

no one did Evan know I am a gbp fan.

What is the worst NFL rival in NFL history?

It really depends who you ask. Since i am a die hard Green Bay Packers fan i am going to have to say the packers and the bears

Who is a better football team the Pittsbugh Steelers or the Green Bay Packers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 100% a better team than the Green Bay Packers. I am a fan of both teams, but if you look at the stats the Steelers are far better. For instance, the Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls where as the Packers have only won 4.

What is the Packers' official fan phone number?

Phone numbers for the Green Bay Packers: General Information (M-F, 8a - 5p): 920.569.7500 Ticket Office: 866.752.1265 920.569.7501 Fan Information Hotline: 920.569.7502

Who is Green day's biggest fan?

Taylor Jada is Green Day's biggest fan.

What is a Wisconsin cheesehead?

A "cheesehead" is someone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Since Wisconsin is the cheese state and many of the bigger farms are in or near Green Bay, we are considered the cheeseheads. You will see many people wearing cheesehats at Packer games. If you go to a Wisconsin store you can also find cheese colsters, toys, hats, and more goodies involving cheeseheads or the Packers.