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It must be Ryan Giggs.

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Q: Who is the English premiership's highest midfield scorer of all time?
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Who is the highest scorer of this season of English premier league?

Christiano Ronaldo is this seasons current highest scorer

Who is the leading all time fa premierships scorer?

The leading F.a scorer is Alan Shearer,.

How do you call football scorer?

strikers, forward, midfield

Who is the premierships top all time top scorer?

Alan Shearer holds that accolade.

Who is the highest English run scorer in county cricket?

Barry stuck

Who is the highest goal scorer in the English Premiership?

Alan Shearer had scored 260 goals.

Highest scorer in ma English at sargodha university?

307 ov part 1 in 2011

Who is the Africa highest goal scorer in the English premiership?

Didier Drogba-Chelsea and Ivory coast.

Highest Test scorer for 2008?

kumara sangakara is the highest test scorer for 2008

Is Joseph yobo the highest home goal scorer in English premiere league?

No Joseph Yobo is not the highest goalscorer in the E.P.L. As he is a defender.

What is the colour of their clothes who has highest run scorer in IPL?

orange cap will be given to the highest run scorer in IPL. The color of their clothes remain the same irrespective of their highest run scorer

Who is the highest run scorer in English test cricket?

Graham gooch has scored 8900 most by an english batsman in just 116 test matches