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Reggie White

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Q: Who is the Eagles player with the retired jersey number 92?
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Can anyone wear a retired jersey number in pro sports?

Unless a current player already wearing the number; if a number is retired by the franchise, no player in that franchise can wear that jersey number and if the jersey number is retired by the league no one can wear that number again in the league. for example, no one in MLB can wear 42 because of Jackie Robinson except Mariano Rivera because he already wore the number before it was retired.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player had his jersey number retired first?

Defensive tackle Ernie Stautner had his #70retired by the Steelers. That has been the only number they have retired.

Who wears jersey number 10 at Orlando pirates?

Jersey number 10 is a retired jersey at Orlando Pirates FC. The last player to wear it was Steve Lekoelea.

Eagles player trevor laws what is his jersey number?

It used to be 93. This year (2011) it is # 91

When inducted into hall of fame will jersey be retired?

There is no set time for a Hall of Fame player's jersey be retired. That decision is up to the team or teams with which the player played. One exception is the retirement of number "42" worn by Jackie Robinson which was retired by the baseball commissioner in honor of Robinson, who was the traditional first player to break the so-call color line in baseball.

Who was first NFL player to have there jersey retired?

The first Giants jersey to be retired, which was also the first jersey ever retired by an NFL team, was the #1 of offensive/defensive end Ray Flaherty in 1935.

What Black NFL Player who retired in 2005 wore the number twelve on his jersey?

Justin Gage wore # 12 for the Bears and did not retire.

Which Dolphin player's Number 12 jersey became the first to be retired May 6 1982?

Bob Griese. hope that helped!

Who wore the Yankee retired jeresey 16?

Whitey Ford would be the player who wore the retired jersey 16

Whose number two jersey did the Sacramento Kings of the NBA recently retire?

That was the number of Mitch Richmond, the only number retired by the franchise of a player who played entirely on the Sacramento Kings.

Who is the ateneo blue eagles player who is wearing jersey 20?

Cris dechaves

Who was the first major baseball player to have his jersey retired?

Lou Gehrig 1940