Who is the Chicago Bears QB 2012?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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At the moment, Jay Cutler #6 is the starting quarterback followed by Jason Campbell #2.

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Q: Who is the Chicago Bears QB 2012?
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Who was the QB for the Chicago Bears in 2004?

Rex Grossman

Which Chicago Bears player was called the punky qb?

Jim McMahon

Who is the only Super Bowl qb to rush for 2 touchdowns?

Jim McMahon - QB of the 1985 Chicago Bears.

Who was the starting QB 1990 Bears?

Jim Harbaugh started 14 games and Mike Tomczak started 2 games at QB for the 1990 Bears.

Who was the QB for Chicago Bears in Super Bowl victory 1986?

Jim McMahon

How many QB did Chicago Bears have in 1940?

During the 1940 season the Bears carried 5 quarterbacks on their roster.

Who was the last Chicago Bears QB to start all sixteen games?

Kyle Orton

Is ryan a boy or a girl?

He's a man who is going to the Chicago Bears and will be the starting QB

What happen to Rex Grossman from the Chicago Bears?

He is now a second string QB for the Texans. Second or third I am not sure.

Why couldn't the Chicago Bears QB's reenter the game?

3rd string qb's are considered emergency qb's. If they enter the game before the 4th quarter begins, the starter and his back up can no longer return to the field.

Who wore number 80 for the Chicago Bears in 1990?

QB Mike Tomczak wore #18 for the Bears from 1985-1990.

Is jay cutler still Denver Broncos QB?

Jay Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears on April 2, 2009.