Who is the Captain of Hull KR?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Michael "Mick" Vella is the current Captain, though this front row player is out following surgery for a few weeks at this writing. Use the link below to review the lineup for the Robins so you can spot changes.

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Q: Who is the Captain of Hull KR?
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Is Hull fc better than Hull kr?

yes hull fc are way better than hull kr. fc have a better stadium better players and they have better tactics than kr

What two rugby teams are closest together?

Hull FC and Hull KR.

Why do hull fc play at the kc and kr dont?

Hull KR is based on the east side of Hull, traditionally wears a white kit with a red stripe across the breast (The Red Robins). They Rufus the Robin as there mascot and there home stadium is at Craven Park. While Hull FC is based on the west, traditionally there kit is Black and White, there mascot is the Airlie Bird and there at the KC Stadium which they share with Premiership Football team Hull City Tigers. There is a lot of rivalry between these two team as well as there fans. How ever to my knowledge there is little trouble and most take it in fun, as well as little trouble on match days. I personally am a Hull KR fan. :D

The captain of the Constitution was .?

Isaac Hull

What was the score of the Challenge Cup semi final between Wigan and Hull KR played on 23rd March 1985?

Wigan 18 Hull Kingston Rovers 11

What was the record of the Castleford Tigers in 2012?

The record for the Castleford Tigers in 2012 is 6-21. The 6 games they won were against the Reds, Hull KR, Wildcats, Vikings, Reds, and the Giants. The teams they lost against were the Bulls, Dragons, Warriors, Rhinos, Broncos, Giants, Hull FC, Saints, Wolves, Hull KR, Wildcats, Bulls, Rhinos, Vikings, Wolves, Warriors, Wildcats, Broncos, Saints, Dragons, and Hull FC.

Who was the captain of the constitution?

Isaac Hull was the captian of the Constitution.

Who was the first black player to play International Rugby League?

I think it was Clive Sullivan, late 60s early 70s, he played for Hull fc and Hull Kr. he was fantastic winger.

Who has got more money hull f.c or

Hull fc have got more money as of 2010 , they have sold many season passes and shirts and most home games are sell outs. On The Other Hand Hull Kr Are about £4million in debt.

When was Brett hull assistant captain of St. Louis blues?


How much of a legend is Hull KR?

As much as any team can claim fame in the world of rugby league football, or more specifically, the English professional league of the sport, Hull KR can toss a cap in the ring. And if you're the type that needs some reasons in support of the suggestion, keep reading. Hull Kingston Rovers (Hull KR) have been around since 1882. They're based in (you guessed it) Hull, England, and as much as the world has changed in the time since they organized, the Robins (their nickname) have made every attempt to keep pace. The lads have been in Super League since elevation in 2006, and their brisk play may allow them to remain a while. Use the link below to review some facts and learn more about the history of this remarkable club.

Who was the captain that was given the job to break Britain's control of Lake Erie?

William Hull.