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Simon Fletcher

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Q: Who is the Broncos all time leader in sacks?
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Who is the Ravens all time leader in sacks?

The Ravens all-time leader in sacks is Peter Boulware with 70. Second with 53 sacks is Terrell Suggs, and third with 51 is Michael McCrary with 51.

Who is the Broncos all-time sack leader?

Through the 2008 season, that is Simon Fletcher with 97.5. Fletcher played with the Broncos between 1985-1995 and had 5 seasons of 10 or more sacks with his highest being 16 in 1992.

Who is the Broncos all time leader in passing yardage?

John Elway is the all time leader in passing yards.

Who is the Denver Broncos all-time sack leader?

Simon Fletcher

Who is the Denver Broncos all time leader in return yards?

Rick Upchurch

Who has the most sacks in a career?

Bruce Smith is the NFL all-time sack leader, with 200.

Who is the University of Michigan sack leader?

Mark Messner is the all time sack leader for the University of Michigan with 36 sacks from 1985-1988.

Bruce smith was not the all time leader in sacks in the nfl only from the year they started counted them?

decon jones

Who is the all time NCAA Sack Leader?

Michael Czerwien of Waynesburg University became the all time NCAA all division sack leader in 2007 who recorded 53.5 sacks over his career at Waynesburg.

Who is the Broncos all time leader in rushing yardage?

Terrell Davis. Before Davis it was Floyd Little.

Who is the Miami Dolphins all time sack leader?

Jason Taylor He is still in the NFL (2011) and currently has 136.5 sacks and is currently in 8th place on the all time sack leaders list but with 2 sacks he takes 6th place and with 5 sacks he takes 5th place.

Who has the most all time sacks?

Bruce Smith. 200 career sacks.