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Q: Who is the Brisca Stock car F1 World Champion?
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What content can be found on the BriSCA F2 website?

The BriSCA F2 website contains information about formula two stock car racing. It lists meetings at such places as Skegness, Knockhill and Northampton.

Who was the first NHRA funny car world champion?

Shirl Greer

How much does a drag racer weigh?

In Pro Stock drag racing, the minimum weight for a car, including the driver, is 2,350 pounds. The NHRA Pro Stock racing champion for 2013 was Jeg Coughlin, and the person with the most NHRA Pro Stock wins is Warren Johnson with 97.

What is a fast stock car?

A ''stock car'' is a car which hasn't been modified a stock car is a car which havent been changed since it came out of the factory, the fastest stock car 22-11-10 is the Bugatti Veyron Supersport

How fast is the ssc ultimate?

Its the fast stock car in the world. 257hp+ 0-60 in 2.78 seconds. YES a fast car.

What is the duration of Stock Car Races?

The duration of Stock Car Races is 3600.0 seconds.

When did Stock Car - video game - happen?

Stock Car - video game - happened in 1984.

When was Stock Car - video game - created?

Stock Car - video game - was created in 1984.

When was Stock Car Races created?

Stock Car Races was created on 1953-05-08.

When did Stock Car Races end?

Stock Car Races ended on 1954-08-06.

What has the author Ron Champion written?

Ron Champion has written: 'Build Your Own Sports Car for As Little As 250'

Was there any black people who invented or did something famous with a car?

Yes the British driver Lewis Hamilton was and is world champion of Formula One racing.