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His name is Brett Brown

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Q: Who is the Australian basketball teams coach?
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Who is the NCAA basketball coach to win a championship with two different college basketball teams?

Rick Pitino

Which coach won a championship with two different college basketball teams?

Pat Riley won a championship with two different teams. While both were not as a coach, Dean Smith won basketball championships at Kansas in 1952 and as a head coach at UNC 1982 and 1993.

What are the mens and womens Australian basketball teams called?

The men's basketball team is named the Boomers and the woman's basketball team is named the Opals.

Is it boy's basketball coach or boys basketball coach?

it is actually boys' basketball coach

What should you get your basketball coach?

You should get your basketball coach a Basketball because they love Basketball

Who can help to me teach basketball lessons?

A basketball coach can help.

For which teams did John Wooden play basketball?

John Wooden was a famous basketball player and coach. Although a majority of his career was dedicated to coaching basketball, he played with the Perdue Boilermakers from 1929 to 1933.

Who was the basketball who coach a New England nba team and 2 New England college teams?

it was jimmeny cricket children

What position dose Ken Mcfadden have in the New Zealand Basketball league?

He helps coach with Wellington basketball association teams, and also coaches the New Zealand Junior Tall Blacks as well as helping coach the Wellington Saints.

Who is the head basketball coach for Syracuse?

The Men's basketball coach is Jim Boeheim.

How many English Basketball teams are there?

30 basketball teams

Who are the college basketball teams that went undefeated including the national championship game?

Indiana Hoosiers 1976 - Bobby Knight was the coach

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