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Q: Who is the 200m mens world champion?
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Mens world record for 200m butterfly?

It is Michael Phelps

Who holds the mens world record for 200m hurdles?

Andy Turner

200m dash running mens world records?

Usain Bolt 19.19 at the 2009 IAAF World Athletics Championships is the current 200m WR.

What was the world record in the 200m mens sprint before the Beijing Olympics?

19.32 seconds

Mens 200m world record holders?

Usain Bolt holds the record with a 19.30 in Beijing!

What is the mens 200m sprint world record?

19.19s by Usain Bolt of Jamaica in Berlin 2009.

Who can run 200m the fastest?

Usain Bolt is the Olympic champion and world record holder.

How much slower is the womens 200m time than the mens 200m time?

Men's: 19.19 Women's: 21.34

What was the winning time of the mens 2008 200m dash?


What is the 200m sprint record for the mens olympic record?


Who won 200m mens freestyle in 1982?

Andrew Astbury

What is the mens world record for the 200m freestyle?

Paul Biedermann 1:42.00 in Rome, Italy on July 28, 2009.