Who is the 2009 goalie for the Montreal Canadians?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Carey Price and Jaroslav halak

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Carey Price

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Q: Who is the 2009 goalie for the Montreal Canadians?
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Who was the goalie of the Montreal Canadians in the 1960s?

that would be Ken Dreyden

Who is better monteral canadians or Boston bruins?

Montreal Canadiens because they have a kick butt goalie and a better captain then the Boston Bruins!

Who is the golie of the Montreal canadians?

The Canadiens currently have two goalies on their roster. There is Carey Price who is number 31 and there is Jaroslav Halak who is number 41 Now they have backup goalie Alex Auld

What is the Montreal hockey team?

Canadiens de Montréal / Montreal Canadians

Who is better Montreal or Pittsburgh?

yes Pittsburgh penguins are better the Montreal canadians

What is The Montreal Hockey Team name?

Canadiens de Montréal / Montreal Canadians

What is the best hockey team in Canada of 2009?

If your judging by the point standings, right now it would be the Vancouver Canucks.

What team was the Quebec nordiques?

Montreal canadians

Who replaced Lataundresse on the Montreal Canadians?


How many Canadian players play for Montreal canadians?

As per the players listed on the Montreal Canadians site there are 13 Canadian born players on the team

Which Montreal Canadian Defensemen had 50 points or more in a season?

Defensemen for the Montreal CAnadians

Who is the captian for the Montreal canadians?

2013: Brian Gionta