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DSBP Kuruppu



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2013-08-16 10:19:42
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Q: Who is that srilankan cricket player is scored double centeries in his first test match?
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Who is the first srilankan cricket player that got 800 wickets?

Muttiah Muralitharan

Which player has scored maximum of ducks in odi cricket?

Srilankan Cricketer Jayasuriya has scored maximum (34) ducks in odi cricket..

Which player has most double centuries in Test cricket?

Australian legend Donald Bradman has the most double centuries in test cricket. ash diu

Who has got highest double centuries in test cricket?

Australian Don Bradman has scored more double centuries in Test cricket than any other player, with 12.

Who is the youngest player to score double century in test cricket?

javed miandad(pakistan)

Who is the only player to hit 2 double centuries in ODI cricket?

Rohit Sharma

Who was the first cricketer to score a double century in One Day International Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar is the first and till now the only player to score a double century in ODI Cricket.

Which criket player made first double century in one day international cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is best cricket player in England?

The best cricket player in England is James Andreson.

What is the surname of the greatest Australian cricket player?

Bradman is the greatest Australian cricket player.

Who are the Catholic cricketers?

Robin Uttapa Dilhara Fernando Chaminda vass Matthew Hayden Justin Langer Angelo Matthews Ab De Villers Francois Du Plessis Thisara Perera Sir Don Bradman There are more catholics but I know only a few famous names 4 in 11 player in srilankan cricket team is catholic 90% of the Irish cricket team is catholic 35% of the Australian Cricket team is catholic

Who is the first Indian cricket player?

Cricket is a team sport. There cannot be 'one' first player!

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