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Q: Who is that kid that slap Muhammad Ali three times in the face in the movie Muhammad Ali the man Muhammad Ali the fighter.?
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How many times did Muhammad Ali go to the Olympics?

as you know Muhammad Ali was the greatest fighter of all times and he has been to the Olympics twice.

What fighter or fighters won wba heavyweight title 4 times?

muhammad ali evander holyfield

How many times did Muhammad ali win the world heavy weight title?

He won the heavyweight title three times.

How many three time heavywieght boxing champions are there?

Muhammad ali won the linear heavyweight title three times, and apart from that, evander holyfield won it 4 times, and lennox Lewis three times.

Who are three time world heavyweight boxing champions?

muhammad ali is the only fighter to win the linear heavyweight title three times, but others who won (at leaast) partial titles at least 3 times include: evander holyfield (4) two linear titles and two partial belts vitali klitschko (3) one linear belt

What is muhammad ali remmerd for?

He will be remembered for his boxing, as he is only the few people to win the world title three times.

What will Muhammad Ali be remberd for?

He will be remembered for winning the world heavy weight title three times, veryfew have done it.

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Different fighter planes have different capabilities, but somewhere between Mach 1 (the speed of sound) and Mach 3 (three times the speed of sound) has been the general norm for fighter planes in the last five decades. Fighter-bombers are capable of supersonic speeds above Mach 1, but fighter-interceptors can do about Mach 2.5.

Who won the heavyweight championships 3 times?

Muhammad Ali won the title three times, Lennox Lewis won portions of the title 3 times, and Evander Holyfield won portions of it 4 times.

How many times is the name of Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Qur'an?

The word, Muhammad, has been mentioned 5 times in the Qura'n.

How many times does Josey Wales spit on the dog in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales?

three times

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