Who is t-mac?

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Tracy Mcgrady

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Q: Who is t-mac?
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Who is better Tmac or Lebron?

tmac all day

Whose better tmac or Michael Jordan?


What team does tmac play for?

Tmac currently plays for the New York Knicks.

Whose better tmac or lebron?

lebron is way better than tmac in every single way tmac is a player who gets injured and takes the whole year off. lebron can beat yhim any day with all his physical apearrances and tmac has more experience but even like that lebron will beat him

What is the Houston Rockets nickname?

TMAC Red rockets.

Who is sponsored by Adidas?

DWIGHT HOWARD chauncy tmac Tim duncan agent 0

What nicknames does Tamer Alwerfalli go by?

Tamer Alwerfalli goes by Tmac, and Tamer Alwerfalli.

Whose better tmac or joe Johnson?

T-Mac sucks Joe Johnson is wayy better.

Whose better tmac or Micheal jorfon?

Answer: Michael Jordan is generally regarded as the NBA's all time best player.

Is Dwyane Wade better than Tracy mcgrady?

right now dwade is better. because mcgrady is injured and wade mvp candidate. wade averages nearly 30, mcgrady 15 or something like that this season. but lets imagine tmac is healthy. his threepointer is better than wades (although wade improved his perimeter shot), but wade is faster than tmac. tmac is an incredible jumpshooter, dwade is "only" good, but hes got huge vertical leap and explosiveness. tmac got both too, but wade is a bit better here. both are great passers, but stats tell us, that wade is a bit better. they are also nearly equal at rebounding. mcgrady WAS better, now dwade IS better. (see carrer averages:

Is Steave Nash better than Tracy Mcgrady?

you cannot compare Steve Nash to tmac, Nash is a point guard, mcgrady 2guard or small forward. Steve Nash is a playmaker, his passing and court vision is better than mcgradys, but mcgrady is a way better scorer. hes much more explosive and grabs couple more rebounds, and its proved that tmac can pass as well. nashs three pointer is a bit better, also his free throw percentage, of course he was named 2times mvp. So your question cant be answered. compare Steve Nash to another point guard or tmac with another 2 guard, but Nash and mcgrady are totally different.

Why doesn't anybody else think Tracy McGrady can still be an All-Star?

i don't why peepsw think that.. I think he can still be an all star. I think he can. probably because of that knee. TMAC IS MY IDOL>

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