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If you are suggesting in pure strength I would assume Brock Lesnar would be at the top of the list. If you are thinking in Wrestling terms only I would personally pick Undertaker due to the fact that his career has had such longevity that he is not a rookie by any means.

The Strongest out of the 4 would be Bill Goldberg, he gorilla press slammed both Batista (who was 320 pounds at that time) and Brock lesnar (300 pounds) and who could forget him press slamming Scott steiner 6 times (like taunting him for the push-ups he does) that is something neither Brock has done nor Batista can do

The 4 powerful would be....Goldberg>Brock>Batista>Undertaker

If you do some weight comparisons to start with, they're all in the high 300lb zone, Batista weighed for a long time 318lbs. to be 318lbs at 6'5" would require IMMENSE muscles. if you look at Batista he looks like a bodybuilder and aesthetically looks like hes got more muscular superiority than Goldberg, Brock or taker.

i would go as far as to say that Batista's the most psychically superior wrestler on the WWE roster today. and i also think that, if they ever were to clash (and that's very unlikely), Batista would also floor Hulk Hogan.

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Q: Who is stronger between Batista Brock Lesnar The Undertaker and Bill Goldberg?
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Who is stronger between Batista Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg?

Brock Lesnar

Who is strong between batista and the undertaker?

depends on who the writers make win the match but i think undertaker is stronger

When and where was the match between The Undertaker and Goldberg and what are the details?

there was no match in which undertaker has gotten into the ring with goldberg.

Who will win if a match is set between undertaker and goldberg?

The Undertaker definitely!

Have batista ever beaten the undertaker?

At Cyber Sunday 2008 The main event was the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and The Undertaker. Steve Austin was announced as the Special Guest Referee. Both Batista and The Undertaker had the match in their advantage. Batista hit a series of powerslams and throws on the Undertaker. Undertaker, however, hit a chokeslam on Batista, but only got a two count. Undertaker then followed up with a Last Ride. Undertaker then went for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Batista reversed the move into a Spinebuster, but got a two-count. Batista then executed a Batista Bomb on The Undertaker, but Undertaker kicked out. Batista then executed another Batista Bomb and pinned The Undertaker to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship it wasnt the undertaker that he fought it was chris Jericho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was At Cyber Sunday 2007 Undertaker vs Batista WHC It was At Cyber Sunday 2008 (where chris Jericho faced Batista) WHC However Stone Cold was Referee at Both Times By Atit Anish Patel

When has there been a match between The Undertaker and Goldberg?


Has there ever been a match between The Undertaker and Goldberg?

Goldberg Vs Undertaker at wrestlemania would be a fantastic match to have. I would love to see if Goldberg is scared of Undertaker's magic or if Indeed Goldberg can end the streak of Taker. Maybe Undertaker would be afraid who knows. Sadly wwe will never ever make this dream match a reality but it would be history in the making because Goldberg has never crossed paths with Undertaker. They have never had a match ever before.

How come there has never been any feud or any match between the Undertaker and Goldberg in spite of being together for several years on the same wrestling platform?

Because goldberg is to scared of the undertaker

Bill goldberg raw vs smackdown 09?

Bill Goldberg will return in the raw & will will the world havyweight title goldberg please come on raw I am waiting for you match i want to watch a match between you and undertaker (Goldberg v/s Undertaker) Your friend - austine 3:16 (sunil, India)

Who wins between batista and cena?

Cena beat batista

Who has the most wins in WWE history?

it's not known really but if itsn't between the rock,stone cold Steve Austin,goldberg,undertaker or other legends.l don't think anyone knows really.

Who won between HHH and undertaker?


Who can win between batista and the rock?

the rock can really win but batista can win sometimes

Who won between Triple H and undertaker at wrestlemania?

The undertaker

Who won at wrestlemania27 between undertaker and Triple H?


Who won between Triple H and the undertaker in WM28?

undertaker won

Who won between the undertaker and Triple H at WrestleMania 28?

the undertaker

Who win between edge and undertaker?

At SummerSlam 08 UnderTaker Won.

Who wins the ladder match between Jeff hardy and undertaker?

The Undertaker!

Who won at the royal rumble 20010 between undertaker and reymisterio?


Who won the westlemania match between undertaker and cm punk?


Who won the May 23 2005 match between Edge and Batista?

Batista Yup Batista won. OBV. THE BEST WRESTLER EVA BA-TIS-TA!!!!!

What started the rivalry between undertaker and batista?

it started with wm23. batista earned a chance to face taker at wm23 and he lost the world heavyweight championship and it became 15-0. then he wanted a last man standing match at backlash 2007. it was a draw kuz batista speared both of them through the entrances. then sometime in may, there was a steel cage match for the championship. and both mens feet touched the ground at the same time so it was a draw. then at cyber Sunday, the world heavyweight championship was on the line and stone cold Steve Austin was special guest referee. and undertaker lost but idk wat happened after that but i do know dat at wm24 it was edge and undertaker and world heavyweight championship on the line and edge tapped out to the new submission and taker won the world heavyweight championship and it became 16-0

Who won at wrestle-mania 28 between undertaker and Triple H?


Who won at wrestle-mania between Shawn michaels and the undertaker?

Unfortunately undertaker!