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Q: Who is st johns best basketball coach?
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How many national championships does St Johns men's basketball have?

None. Their best showing was as runner up in 1952.

Who was the first NCAA basketball coach to reach 1000 wins?

Mike Krzyzewski, head basketball coach of the Duke University Blue Devils was the first in men's basketball to reach the milestone. His 1,000 game was won on January 25, 2015 at Madison Square Garden. Duke beat St. Johns by 77-68.

What was the starting lineup of the 1985 St John's university men's basketball team?

1985 st johns basketball line-up

Did St Johns Basketball team have a player named John Berry?

no its Walter

Who is the new men's basketball coach at osu?

Michelle Obama's brother, and former Brown Bears coach, Craig Robinson is the new coach of Oregon St. basketball.

What is the name of St. John's Univ N.Y. basketball coach in the 80's?

Lou Carnesecca. He was the head coach of the St. John's men's basketball team from 1965-1970 and 1973-1992.

What division 1 ncaa men's basketball team is the youngest?

st. Johns redstorm

Would you recommend st johns university?

good school, great basketball team. yes

Pictures of fort st. johns coach roaches?

im sorry but you cant view pics on this site.

What is the best paintball field in st johns county?

M.I. Paintball located at 2495 State Road 207 in St. Augustine, FL is the best and only legitimate paintball field in St. Johns County

Did St Johns basketball team have a player named Lyons?

they had a great shooter named Freddy Lyson...

Who is the Longest tenured sec basketball coach?

Rick Stansbury, Miss st

Where is the St. Johns Public Library in St. Johns located?

The address of the St. Johns Public Library is: 35 South 3Rd West, St. Johns, 85936 0766

urologist not at st johns ?

male urologist not at st johns

Did J cole the rapper play basketball for St Johns?

No, J. Cole never played ball for any college.

List of best SHS in Ghana?

st johns school sekondi

What river flows northward into the gulf of st Lawrence and the Atlantic ocean?


What is the phone number of the St. Johns Public Library in St. Johns?

The phone number of the St. Johns Public Library is: 928-337-4405.

What city is located at 47 degrees north and 52 degrees west?

St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

When was St. Johns Bridge created?

St. Johns Bridge was created in 1931.

What are the best high schools in Arizona?

St. Johns Arizona High School

Does Kenny Chesney have home on St johns island?

Does Kenny chesney live on st johns islands

What is the population of St Johns?

St. Johns NL, Canada has a population of about 193,000 in 2010.

What brand of clothing does evelyn Harper wear on two and a half men?

Mostly St. Johns and j. Renee shoes.

What is the distance from Bangor Maine to St Johns NL?

There is no place called St. Johns in New Brunswick. Saint John is in New Brunswick - no abbreviation. St. Johns is in Newfoundland , and is abbreviated.