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Q: Who is someone that fights for what they believe in?
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What is BELEVE?

it is when people or followers believe in a religion, a god and a symbol it is another way of appreciating someone or something. some people believe in different things and they also cause fights.. and dis belief

What is warrior?

warrior someone who fights maybe.....

Someone who is hostile or fights against you?


What kind of person is a patriot?

someone who fights for their country

What do you call someone who fights you?

a bully and a control freak

What means freedom fighter?

It is means someone who fights for freedom

What do you call someone who fights in a war that is 7 letters?


Why i am fed up with someone?

If you are with someone for too long you have fights, You should just hang out with someone else for a little while.

What episode is it in bleach when ichigo fights holo ichigo?

123 and 124 I believe

What is generally perceived as the climax of homer's Odyssey?

I believe it would be when he fights the suitors.

What is the definition of guerrilla?

Someone who fights an army of occupation from hiding places.

Where can someone watch videos of Muay Thai Fights?

Muay Thai fights videos are available to be viewed at several websites. Some places to watch videos of Muay Thai fights include YouTube, Video GQ, and All the Best Fights.