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Super Bowl Records/Rushing:

  • Most Yards/Career: Franco Harris 354 Yards (4 games)
  • Most Yards/Game: Timmy Simth - Washington Redskins , 204 Yards, Super Bowl XXII
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Washington Redskins Timmy Smith on 22 carries for 204 yards gained rushing in Super Bowl XXII

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Q: Who is single leading rusher in Super Bowl history?
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Who was the Washington Redskins leading rusher in Super Bowl 26?

Ricky Ervins

Who was second leading rusher for Wash in 1983 Super Bowl?

The second leading rusher in Washington's defeat of the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII on January 30th, 1983 was: Wide receiver Alvin Garrett. Garrett had the second most rushing yards for Washington with only a single carry. He gained 44 yards on a reverse play during the third quarter that set up a field goal by kicker Mark Moseley. At the time, it was the longest run by a receiver in Super Bowl history. Clarence Harmon had the second most carries for Washington, with 9 carries for 40 yards. John Riggins, Washington's leading rusher, ran the ball 38 times for 166 yards.

In their Super Bowl year of 1980 Wilbert Montgomery was the Eagles leading rusher Who was second on the team in rushing yards?

Louie Giammona with 361 yards.

How many rushing yards did the bears give up in superbowl xx?

7. Tony Collins was the Patriots leading rusher in Super Bowl XX with 4 yards.

What time did not score a single point in the super bowl?

There has never been a shutout in the history of the Super Bowl.

Who was the leading rusher in Super Bowls for two different teams?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the NFL leading rusher has played in the Super Bowl 5 times: 1) Shaun Alexander led the NFL with 1880 rushing yards for the 2005 Seattle Seahawks that lost Super Bowl XL to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 2) Terrell Davis led the NFL with 2008 rushing yards for the 1998 Denver Broncos that won Super Bowl XXXIII over the Atlanta Falcons. 3-5) Emmitt Smith led the NFL with 1773 rushing yards for the 1995 Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXX over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1486 rushing yards for the 1993 Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXVIII over the Buffalo Bills, and 1713 rushing yards for the 1992 Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXVII over the Buffalo Bills.

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Who rush for more yard in Super Bowl xxxii?

Super Bowl XXXII was played between the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers with the Broncos winning 31-24. The Broncos rushed for more yards than the Packers, gaining 179 rushing yards to the Packers' 95. Terrell Davis of the Broncos was the leading rusher in the game with 157 yards. Dorsey Levens of the Packers rushed for 90 yards.

Who was the first player in super bowl history to pass for four touch downs in a single quarter and throw four in a half?

Doug Williams, Washington Redskins

What is the history between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

As of Super Bowl XLIII, the Cardinals and Steelers have met 57 times with the Steelers leading the all time series, 31-23-3. Super Bowl XLIII will be the first time they have met in the playoffs.

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