Who is shaid afridi?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Shahid Afridi is a Pakistan cricket all rounder. Currently he is the captain of Pakistan T20 cricket team. Though he is young, he is a very experienced player. He is a hard-hitting batsman (also called as Boom Boom Afridi) and a crafty leg spinner

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Q: Who is shaid afridi?
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Is shaid afridi good?

yes he is the match winner

What is shaid Afridi's Height?

5ft 11 inches

What is shaid afridi number?

0092-321-440-5701I found it but not think that it is exact.

Who is the only batsman to have aggregated 600 runs in a single edition of the T20 tournament?

Shaid Afridi

Who is the youngest cricketer to represent his team in Cricket World Cup match?

Nitish Kumar (Canada) Born 21 May 1994

What are the best habits of shaid afridi?

While batting,he looks around the field before facing every ball..Sometimes when the bowler is in his run up, Afridi has a huge smile on his face! While bowling, when Afridi has delivered the ball..he has this habit of running his hand through his hair after every ball!

How much sixes Afridi hits in his ODI career?

How many sixes hitted by sahid afridi in his odi career

What does shaid afridi say to religion?

He is very serious about Religion and reminds us that this life is nothing, but the hereafter is eternal, and all our actions in this world will be rewarded or punished with accordance in the next life.

When was Nick Shaid born?

Nick Shaid was born on March 19, 1860, in Syria.

Who has hit the most sixs ever in any version of cricket?

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan has hit most sixes in international cricket. In all international matches including tests, one days and T-20s he has hit 431 sixes in all leading the second placed Chris Gayle who has hit 373 sixes.

Plz shaid plz say your number?

please shaid please tell me your mobile number

When did Nick Shaid die?

Nick Shaid died on January 7, 1950, in Los Angeles, California, USA.