Who is shahid afredi wife?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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afridi bhi ap bhut acha khelein hain aus k khlif humare dua hai k ap world cup jeet kr aeien ,aur18000000 awam ko es mehngy aur khnkhak mahol mai khusi dy.a


ap ko kamyabi dy( ameen)

anar gul khan

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Q: Who is shahid afredi wife?
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What is name of shahid afridi's wife?


What is shahid afridi's wife name?

Afridi's wife name is Nadia.

Did khorshid jahan is wife of ismail shahid?

yes she is

What is the name of Shahid Afridi's wife?


Who is Shahid Afridi's girlfriend?

Shahid Afridi's wife is Nadia Afridi. They have four children: Aqsa, Ajwa, Asmara, and Ansha.

Who is Shahid Afridi's wife?

she is his maternal cousin...her name is Nadia

Where can you see photographs of Shahid Afridi's wife?

They aren't available anywhere as she veils. If you see any, they will most probably be fake. I would recommend you to not search for them as it's not good searching, in the view of Islam.! we cant search the photos of Shahid afridi's wife because she veils.

Who is shahid Kapoor wife?

no one still,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i had heard he had a girlfriend and soon he will marry her...............................

What nicknames did Riaz Shahid go by?

Riaz Shahid went by Shahid.

What is Shahid?

A shahid is a martyr in Islam.

Is Shahid Afridi's wife a Christian?

No she isn't. She is Afridi's maternal cousin which would make her a Muslim too. Her name is Nadia

What is the email address of Shahid Afridi?