Who is sedrick barefield?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Yes, i could answer that. Sedrick is one of the best Basketball players in the nation. I remeber playing with him once. It was in 6th grade and he crosssed me up. We were playing middle school basketball. Ever since then i have watched him. I've learned his moves,shots, and his footwork. I really think if he keeps at this he will go far. Ranked #3 in the nation for basketball. Now don't get me wrong i ain't no stalker but i enjoy learning more. And that is why i am playing hs ball now.

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Q: Who is sedrick barefield?
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What is sedrick barefield rankings?

Sedrick Barefield is ranked #39 in the country, were he is from California. He is one of the best playas out of Cali for class of 2015

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