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the Scottish Rugby team's captain is Mike Blair, their scrum half

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Q: Who is scotlands rugby captain?
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Who is Scotlands Kicker in rugby?

Chris Paterson

Who is scotlands greatest rugby player?

Gavin Hastings

Is rugby Scotlands favorate sport?

Its soccer and then very closely followed by Rugby Union

Top scorer for Scotlands rugby team?

Chris Paterson

What is Scotlands rugby team name?

The are simply Scotland - They do not have a nickname as yet

Who is Fiji's rugby captain?

The current rugby captain is Deacon Manu.

Who is captain of Kenya rugby?

Victor Sudi is captain of the Kenya Harlequins Rugby Club.

What is a womens rugby captain called?

The captain!

Who is the captain of Ireland rugby team for the world cup?

The Captain for the Ireland rugby is Keith Wood.

Who is the England rugby captain in the rugby world cup 2011?


What is the name of Japans rugby team captain?

The current (2007) captain of Japan's rugby team is Daisuke Ohata.

Who is Tongas team captain for rugby?

Finau Maka (Captain)

Who is the captain the new zealand rugby league team?

Benji Marshall is the captain of the NZ Rugby League team (2010).

Who was the England rugby captain in 1896?

The captain was John Henderson III .

Who was the scottish rugby captain in 1987 rugby world cup?

Colin Deans.

What is scotland's rugby captain for the rugby world cup 2011?

Rory Lawson

Who is Ireland rugby team captain?

Jamie Heaslip is the captain of the Ireland rugby team starting from the 2013 Six Nations championship.

Was rugby union or league invented first?

Rugby union was :) the rugby union club i captain is the oldest rugby club in the world

Who is the captain of England rugby?

At the moment the captain of England is Steve Borthwick also captain for Saracens

Captain of Welsh Rugby?

Sam Warburton.

Who is the Irish rugby Captain?

Brian O'Driscoll

Who is the captain of the Magpies Rugby?

john malp

Who is Georgia's rugby captain?

Irakli abuseridze

Who is former captain of Kenya rugby team?


Who is the captain of Tonga rugby team?

i am the captain what u gonna do about it ..BOOO YA!