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Q: Who is san Diego padres player named hermano?
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How did the San Diego Padres get their name?

They were named after the Spanish missionaries that founded the city. "Padre" means father (e.g. priest).

Where can you locate a picture of a San Diego Padre from the early Sixties named George Betts?

you can't... there were no padres from the early 60s, they were formed in 1969

Who was named the Best Player in 2010 World Cup and won the Golden prize?

It was Diego Forlan..

What were Diego Rivera's kids' names?

Diego Rivera had 4 children. His son was named Diego, and his daughters were named Marika, Ruth, and Guadalupe.

Who was San Diego named after?

The first name given to the San Diego area was San Miguel.

When did Sampson f Burton play for the San Diego Chargers?

There is no record of a player named Sampson F Burton in the San Diego Chargers all time roster. (see link below)

What saint is named after san Diego California?

It's the other way around; San Diego is named after a saint. This saint is the Spanish saint Saint Didacus (commonly referred to as Saint Diego). In fact, San Diego is Spanish for Saint Diego.

Who was the San Diego De Alcala named after?

San diego de alcala was named for St. Didacus. he is a fifteenth century spanish francsician

When did Sebastian Vizcaino find San Diego bay?

when was san diego bay named

What are Diego maradonas parents called?

Diego Maradona's parents are named Diego Maradona Sr. and Dalma Salvadora Franco.

What trades were made in the Major League Baseball Offseason in 2000?

The trades that were made in the 2000 Major League Baseball Offseason would include the Milwaukee Brewers trading Santiago Perez and a player to be named later to the San Diego Padres for Brandon Kolb, the Miami Marlins trading Amaury Garcia to the Chicago White Sox for a player to be named later and the Oakland Athletics trading Matt Stairs to the Chicago Cubs for Eric Ireland.

Is Diego maradona married?

Yes Diego Mara dona was married and is divorced as well.