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Q: Who is run the most meters in a rugby league match?
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Most tries in a rugby league match?


What form of rugby scores the most points per match League or Union?


What is famous rugby team in Australia?

Original answer is not true.This depends on which 'Rugby' we are talking about - Rugby League or Rugby Union?Rugby League: Brisbane Broncos, they are the most famous and most popular sporting club in Australia, the most supported sporting club in Australia, the most successful over the past 20 years in Rugby League History and also the most known Rugby League club in the world.Rugby Union: Brumbies and QLD Reds, both are the only teams to win the Super Rugby competition from Australia. The Queensland Reds always produce the largest audience for a Rugby match in Australia and are always re-knowned for their flair. The Brumbies are the most successful Super Rugby team in Australia.

Is rugby league dangerous?

Rugby league is very dangerous. The most dangerous thing in rugby league is conor mac he WILL break you in half

Most points in a rugby union match?


Do Australians prefer Rugby League or Rugby Union?

Rugby league is by far dominant in Australia. Union is the fourth most popular code of football, after Rugby League, Australian Rules and Soccer.

Who has scored the most tries in a single Rugby League game?

Martin Offiah & Shaun Edwards scored 10 tries in a match for Wigan in 1992

Is rugby league the most popular Australian sport?

Rugby League sits second, AFL is first, and cricket is third.

Which rugby player has scored the most points?

Rugby League = Hazem El Masri

What is the most tries Ireland have scored in an International rugby match?


What are the 10 most supported rugby teams?


Where is rugby league popular?

Rugby League is spreading around the world by most popular in; Australia England New Zealand Tonga Samoa

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