Who is ronaldiho?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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he is a famous soccer player in Brazil

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Q: Who is ronaldiho?
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What team is ronaldiho on FIFA 2010?

There was a talk that Dunga would not choose ronoldhino for the Brazil team.

Who is better ronaldiho or ibrahimovic?

his name is Ronaldinho. and of course Ronaldinho is better. ibrahimovic plays so aggressive with no skill.

Who is the best soccer player that has ever played?

messi of course if he wins golden ball on January 10 he will do history by history i mean something Pele,maradona,ronaldo,carlos,Henry,c.ronaldo,beckham,zeco,ronaldiho,robinho have ever the golden ball three times in a row THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER THAST HAS EVER LIVED IS PELE! :)

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