Who is roger federrer?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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He is an international Tennis Player. He's won a load of championships, Google him :)

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Q: Who is roger federrer?
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How much money did roger federrer win in 2012?


Names of male tennis players over the last ten years?

Roger Federrer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick,

The four best tennis players in the world?

Umm.... I'm going to say Roger Federrer, Rafal Nadal, Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

What is the world record in grand slams?

It is was 14 for Pete Sampras,,,, till 5th of July 2009 when Roger federrer created a history by wining Wimbledon 2009 and his 15Th.

Who was the best sports player babe Ruth Michael Jordan Muhammad ali Pete Sampras roger federrer kareem abduljubbar or emmit Smith?

None of the above... It is the Ye Chan Yoon...

Who is the most popular tennis player in the world?

That's hard to say, it would depend on what country your from. The most popular female worldwide would probably be Maria Sharapova (rus). The most popular male could be Roger Federrer (swe), Rafael Nadal (esp), or Andy Roddick (usa).

What player holds the most sigles titles of the Dubai duty free tennis?


Which tennis player was sued by his fan club?

Andrew Roddick and Rogger Federrer I understood it was Jimmy Connors.

Who won the 2008 grandslam title?

R. Nadal Won Wimbledon and Ronald Garros for 2008 and R. Federrer won the US open and N. Djokovic won the Australian open '' ''

What is the duration of Roger Roger?

The duration of Roger Roger is 3600.0 seconds.

When was Roger Roger created?

Roger Roger was created on 1996-04-26.

When did Roger Roger end?

Roger Roger ended on 2003-08-10.