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If you mean who acts as rocky balboa's son, all i know is that in Rocky Balboa, Milo Ventimiglia plays his son!

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Q: Who is rocky Balboa's son?
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What are Rocky Balboas turtles names?

Cuff and Link

What was rocky Balboas home town?

Philadelphia, PA.

A famous film character Rocky Balboas hometown was?


What year was Balboas born?

1976 he was born Rocky Balboa

Who played rocky balboas wife in rocky?

i know who it isn't, but i can not be precicely sure about anything on wikipedia. why not play minecraft now bye.

Who played rocky's son in rocky IV?

rocky IV who played rocky's son

Was Sylvester Stallones son in rocky 5?

In rocky 5, Sage Stallone plays Rocky's son so yes, rocky's son is in rocky 5 :)

What is Rocky Balboas title belt?

It is a Replica of the Ring Magazine Title Belt. The only difference between The Rocky Belt and The Ring Belt is that the Rocky title contains the circle around whereas the Ring title does not.

Rocky Balboa dad?

In Rocky II, Rocky's son Rocky Jr. is born. In Rocky III the son is 6-7, in Rocky IV he is not much older, in Rocky V he is in his young teens. In Rocky Balboa he is in his early to mid 20's.

Rap song with rocky Balboa speech to son in the intro?

Rap song with rocky balboa speech to son in the intro?

What is the son's name in rocky IV?

Rocky jr.

What is the son's name in the movie rocky?

Rocky jr.

What is the logo on the front of rocky balboas black and gold robe?

the logo is of a golden stallion snorting smoke through his nostrils i know this because i have studied him because i look like him since age 21

What relation is rob marciano to rocky marcanio?


In the movie Rocky what is Rocky's full name?

Robert "Rocky" Balboa Sr. is Sylvester Stallone's character's full name. He does not become Sr. until after Adrian Balboa gives birth to his son in Rocky II.

What are Balboas in AdventureQuest Worlds?

balboas is a monster that were made out of rock that you can find'em inthe mountain in the dwarfhold

How many kids played Rocky's son?

30005732774996 chidren

Is the rock and rocky Johnson related?

yes they are in fact father and son

What was Balboas method of travel?


What was rocky Balboas age?

In the first film, he mentions he is 30. In the second movie he's 31, in the third movie he's about 37, in the fourth movie he's about 40, in the fifth movie he's about 45, and in the final film, he's about 61.

Who played rockys son in rocky III?

Actor by the name of Ian Fried.

Did rocky marciano have a son?

Rocky and his wife had one daughter, Mary-Anne, they also adopted a boy shortly before Marciano's death and named him Rocco Kevin.

Who's the rock?

Duane Johnson, son of Rocky Johnson and grandson to Peter Maivia

How do you find how many Balboas a Republic of Panama coin is?

Look at it. There is a number preceding the word "Balboas". This number indicates a quantity of a thing called a "Balboa".

Rocky Balboa's first name?

Rocky IS Rocky Balboa,s first name, who was played by Sylvester Stallone. It's actually Robert Balboa. Which is why his son is called Robert. If we go back to Rocky II, when Adrian wakes after her coma, she says to name the baby after the father.