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It is Arsene Wenger, but as a player it is Robin van Persie.Fabregas was the highest paid footballer.

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Q: Who is richest in arsenal?
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Who is the richest player at arsenal?

Shane Leigh-Smith

The richest club in English leagues?

They are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United.

What position is arsenal football club in the world richest clubs?

With assetts ( the emirates stadium being one) arsenal are the fifth richest club in England after 1. Manchester city 2.Q.p.r ( NOT THAT THEY ARE SPLASHING THE CASH) 3.Chelsea 4. Manchester united

10 richest clubs in the world?

The 10 richest clubs are Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Bayer n Munich, Lyon.

Richest football clubs in the world?

1.manu city 3. arsenal 4.Barcelona that's it great

Top ten richest club?

The top richest clubs are , not in order. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, A.C. Milan, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Manchester City.

Which is the world's richest football club?

As per the Forbes' magazine list (April 2010) of the richest football clubs, Manchester United is the richest with a net worth of 1,835 million USD.They are followed by Real Madrid, Arsenal and FC Barcelona.(see related link for full list)

50top richest football club in the world?

The top richest football clubs are Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, A.C. Milan , Inter Milan, A.S. Roma, F.C. Porto.

Which arsenal or Liverpool better?

Arsenal are the better sode overall.When you look at Liverpool you see two names,Gerrard and Torres,the other 9 are decent players at best. At Arsenal you see names like Van Persie,Arshavin,Fabregas,Gallas,Clichy,now Vermaelan has proven to be yet another great buy from Mr.Wenger,there is also the fact that Arsenal are among the richest clubs in the league,Whereas Liverpool are broke!

The top 5 richest club in England?

1. QPR. 2. manchester united. 3. arsenal. 4. chelsea. 5. man city 6. southampton

What are the ten richest soccer teams in world?

The ten richest clubs are as follows. 1) Real madrid, 2) Barcelona, 3) Manchester United.,4) Bayern munich, 5 )Arsenal, 6 Chelsea, 7) Liverpool, 8Juventus, 9A.C.Milan and Inter Milan.

What is the arsenal chant?

Arsenal till I die,We love you arsenal and Come on Arsenal are amongst the most famous arsenal chants.

10 richest club for 2010 in Europe?

They are Real madrid, Manchester united, Barcelona, Arsenal, Bayern munich,, A.c. Milan. inter milan, Juventus, Chelsea and Liverpool.

How was the name arsenal created?

It is because at arsenal the army arsenal was there.

Top ten richest clubs?

1) Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, A.c. Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich. Manchester city.

Who is the ten richest football clubs in the world today?

They are Real Madrid, barcelona, Manchester united, bayern Munich,Arsenal , Chelsea,Liverpool,Juventus , a.c. Milan and inter Milan.

Latest world top ten richest club?

Real Madrid, Barceloma, Manchester United, Chelsea, , bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Arsenal, Inter Milan and a.c. Milan.

Who is richer arsenal or fulham?


Is arsenal a noun?

Arsenal is a noun

Why does arsenal cheat?

Arsenal Do NOT Cheat..

Which is the richest London football club?

Arsenal as a football club are worth the most (aprox £850 million) and they do have shareholders who combined are worth the most, however Chelsea's biggest shareholder (Roman Abramovich) is worth more than Arsenal's biggest shareholder (Stanley Kroenke, who owns 67% of the club).

What is Arsenal Twitter handle?

The twitter handle of Arsenal Football Club is @Arsenal.

How do you put the word arsenal in a sentence?

The collector has an arsenal of weapons. He keeps his collections of guns in his arsenal. She has an arsenal of ideas for her project.

Where did the name arsenal football club come from?

Arsenal gets it name from the word arsenal, as the first players for Arsenal were soldiers and worked at the Arsenal, so it gets its name.

Who are the largest football clubs in England?

In terms of stadium capacity Old Trafford (Manchester United; 75,797 capacity), followed by Emirates Stadium (Arsenal; 60,361 capacity), then St James' Park (Newcastle United. 52,409). In terms of the richest is is probably Arsenal. followed by Chelsea and then Liverpool. In terms of rankings - success, fan size base and influence then it is probably Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and then Chelsea.