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David and Victoria Beckham met in 1997 and got married in 1999. They have since had four children together. David is richer than Victoria, or Posh Spice as she is also known. David has a net worth of 350 million US dollars while Victoria has a net worth of 49 million US dollars.

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Q: Who is richer David Beckham or posh spice?
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Who is David Beckham's wife?

Victoria Beckham, (posh spice) from Spice Girls.

Who is David Beckham wife?

Victoria beckham (posh spice; spice girls)

Who is Posh Spice married to?

David Beckham

Who is posh spice Beckham?

Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice is the wife of famous soccer player David Beckham.

What is the name of David Beckham's wife?

Victoria beckham, former posh spice

Who is Victoria B?

Victoria Beckham = Mrs. David Beckham = Posh Spice

Who is David Beckham married to?

Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice from the Spice Girlsand it was on January17 1998

Who did Posh spice marry?

David Beckham (the football player.)

Who is David backham wife?

Victoria (Posh) Beckham (Spice)

Which Spice Girl married British soccer legend David Beckham?

Posh Spice

Who is posh from the spice girls?

posh spice is Victoria Beckham

What year did david beckham get marrid?

David Beckham married Victoria (Posh Spice) on July 4, 1999

What is David Beckhams wifes name?

Victoria beckham AKA posh spice from the spice girls

Who is Mrs Beckham?

Victoria Beckham who was in the spice girls and was posh spice.

Who is David Beckham's agent?

David Beckham's agent is Simon Fuller. He is also the agent of his wife, Victoria Beckham (also known as Posh Spice).

Which spice girl is victoria beckham?

Posh Spice

What was Victoria Beckham's nickname when she was in The Spice Girls?

Posh spice

What is David Beckhams wife called?

Her name is Victoria Beckham, but her Spice Girls name was Posh.

Is David Beckham married?

David Beckham married Victoria Adams (aka Posh Spice) on July 4, 1999. They have three sons and a daughter.

Who is married to the handsome guy David Beckham?

David Beckham, Manchester United's former midfielder, is married to Victoria Beckham. Victoria can also be recognized as Posh Spice from the 90's female band, Spice Girls!

Who did David Beckham marry?

David Beckham married to Victoria Beckham in 4 July 1999

What is Victoria beckham's career?

wasn't she Posh Spice from the Spice Girls?

Which spice girls nick name is posh spice?

Victoria beckham

What is the real name of Posh Spice?

Victoria Beckham

What nicknames does Victoria Beckham go by?

Victoria Beckham goes by Posh Spice.