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Q: Who is present at a pretrial conference?
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Does the judge have to be present during a pretrial?

A "pretrial" WHAT? A pre-trial HEARING - yes. A pre-trial CONFERENCE - no.

What does PNC stand for in legal terms?

Pretrial negotiation conference

What does PNC on a court document stand for?

Pretrial Negotiation Conference

Can you go to someone else's pretrial conference?

Usually only if you are called as a witness.

An order setting a trial date is more likely to be entered?

At a pretrial conference.

Who may attend a pretrial conference?

it depends on whether the trial is civil or criminal

Who can attend a pretrial conference?

For a discussion of pre-trial conferences, see the below link: :

What is a mandatory pretrial?

A mandatory pretrial conference is a meeting that is required to be held before the trial in order to outline the issues of a case and set timeframes for legal and procedural matters. Pretrial conferences are governed by rules of state and local courts, which can, and do, vary.

Which of the following is the proper order of events in a civil action?

Pleadings, Discovery, Pretrial Conference, Trial, Appeal.

What are proper order of events in a civil action?

Discovery, pretrial conference, trial, pleadings, appeal

Can the case be resolved at a pretrial conference even when you are pleading Not Guilty as defense of self defense in a criminal case?


What is a pretrial conference for car accident?

The same as for ANY trial or hearing. It is a planning conference where the opposing attorneys meet with the judge and lay out the outlines of their cases so that an estimate may be made of the court time that will be necessary to conduct the case. Neither the plaintiff nor the respondent need to be present as no legal matters will be discussed.