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According to, as of January 14, 2008 the second ranked woman tennis player in the world is Svetlana Kuznetsova of Russia.

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Q: Who is player number 2 of the world of women tennis players?
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How many tennis games do professional women tennis players play in a year?

the average professional women tennis player plays about 23 games in a year.

Do women tennis players wash their hair after a practice session everyday?

it depends on if that tennis player is a clean person.

List of all time Russian female tennis players?

There is a famouse women tennis player named zhironokova venchko.

Who is the number one women tennis player in the world LTA rankings?


Who is the most popular women tennis player for great Britain?

There are not many notable tennis players from Great Britain, especially on the women's side. But the most popular, in my opinion, has to be Dorothea Douglass Chambers.

How many no1 tennis players in the 1940's?

The top Tennis player in the 1940's for the Men's side was Jack Kramer. The top Women's player during this time was Molla Mallory.

Who is the women's world number 1 tennis player?

Serena Williams (United States)

How many registered tennis players in France?

In 2012 (figures issued in late 2013 by the French ministry of sports), the French Tennis Federation had 1,111,136 registered players. In number of registered players, tennis is second only to football in France. 30% of the registered players were women. Many people who are playing tennis only occasionally are not registered.

Do men and women play tennis?

Yes of course. There are so many women tennis players like Sania Mirza.

What professional women tennis players are ticklish?

cheryl cole

Who is number one playing tennis?

Currently, the number one women's player is Caroline Wozniacki and the number one Men's player is Rafael Nadal.

Who is the world number one tennis player for men and women?

Currently, Rafael Nadal is number one for men's, and Serena Williams is number one for women's.

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