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he is a legend of iss pro and a former 5 a side player in cambridgeshire.

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Q: Who is peyto?
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When was Bill Peyto born?

Bill Peyto was born on 1869-02-14.

By how much did Peyto glacier change since the past century?

During the past century, the Peyto Glacier has lost 70% of its total mass.

By how much has the front edge of the Peyto Glacier changed in the past century?

During the past century, the Peyto Glacier has lost 70% of its total mass.

How much has the peyto glacier retreated?


When was the Peyto Glacier first researched?


How much does Peyto List from Jessie weigh?

Peyton List's height is 5"7 and weighs about 110 pounds.

What has the author J K Sedgwick written?

J. K. Sedgwick has written: 'Peyto Glacier'

Which of these plants was used in traditional Native American medicine Dandelion Cactus Ginseng Banana?

It would depend on which Native American people you are referring but a logical answer would be the cactus. Some traditional Native Americans used Peyto. The word peyto came from the Aztec word peyotl. The buttons or roots of this small cactus plant were ritually consumed usually during religious services. The ritualized elements were the hallucination that the cactus caused after it was consumed. Check out my new book now available at my publisher's website: http:/ Sincerely, Cynthia Kay Rhodes

What are some glaciers that begin with the letter P?

Penck Glacier (Tanzania); Pine Island Glacier, Polar Times Glacier, Priestley Glacier (Antarctica); Panchchuli Glacier, Pindari Glacier (India); Panmar Glacier, Passu Glacier (Pakistan); Pasterze Glacier (Austria); Platigliole Glacier, Praz-SecGlacier, Presena Glacier (Italy); Peyto Glacier, Pemberton Icefield (Canada); Pico de Orizaba, Popocatépetl, Glacier (Mexico); Portage Glacier, Princeton Glacier (Alaska); etc

Why does a fresh water lake turn turquoise?

Rock flour, or glacial flour, consists of clay-sized particles of rock, generated by glacial erosion or by artificial grinding to a similar size. Because the material is very small, it is suspended in river water making the water appear cloudy. If the river flows into a glacial lake, the lake may appear turquoise in color as a result. Examples of this are Lake Louise and Peyto Lake in Canada and Gjende lake in Norway. [edit]Formation Natural rock flour is typically formed during glacial migration, where the glacier grinds against rock beneath it, but is also produced by freeze thaw, where the act of water freezing and expanding in cracks helps break up rock formations. Although clay-sized, its particles are not clay minerals but typically ground up quartz and feldspar. Rock flour is carried out from the system via meltwater streams, where the particles travel in suspension. Rock flour particles can travel great distances either suspended in water or by the wind, in the latter case forming deposits called loess. EXTRACT from Wikipedia under ROCK FLOUR definition.