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marcus marek

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Mike Hawk

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Dan Connor

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Q: Who is penn state's all time leading tackler?
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Who is the Cowboy's all time leading tackler?

Darren Woodson

Who is the Division 1-A all time leading tackler?

Tim McGarigle

Who is the Chicago Bears all time leading tackler?

Mike Singletary

Who is the ny jets all time leading tackler?

kyle clifton

Who is the Miami Dolphins all-time leading tackler?

Zack Thomas, with 1041 in his career at Miami.

Who is the packers all time leading tackler?

John Anderson use to be the leader with 1,020 tackles. Now it is AJ Hawk with 1,118 tackles.

Who is the all-time leading tackler for the packers?

John Anderson use to be the leader with 1,020 tackles. Now it is AJ Hawk with 1,118 tackles.

Who is Penn State's all time leading rusher?

Curt Warner 1979-19823398 rushing yards.

Who are Penn State's 10 all time leading rushers?

Penn State's All-Time Leading Rushers3,414* - Evan Royster3,398 - Curt Warner3,320 - Tony Hunt3,301 - Blair Thomas3,256 - Curtis Ennis3,227 - D.J. Dozier2,953 - Larry Johnson2,934 - Lydell Mitchell2,829 - Ki-Jana Carter2,818 - Matt Suhey

What is the win loss record between university of Miami and penn state?

In college football through the 2008 season, Miami and Penn State have played 13 times with Penn State leading the all time series, 7-6.

When did penn play penn state in football?

The last time was 1958. Penn and Penn State played each other 47 times between 1890 and 1958 with Penn leading the all time series 25-18-4. Penn went 16-0-1 in the first 17 games of the series (1890, 1892-1893, 1895-1904, 1907-1910) and Penn State went 10-1-1 in the last 12 games of the series (1937-1939, 1942, 1948, 1952-1958).

What is penn states record versus Nebraska?

Prior to the November 12, 2011 game ... Penn State leads the all time series 7-6 and the teams last met in 2003.