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According to the forbs list college coaches are paid more than NFL coaches.

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Q: Who is paid more NFL coach's or college coach's?
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What was the average NFL coachs salary in 1967?


What is the difference of college football and NFL football?

college football you only have 4 years to play and you don't get paid in nfl you get paid and choose when to quit

Defensive coaches for the indpls colts NFL team?

who are the defensive coachs for the indpls colts team ?

Who gets paid more nhl or NFL players?

football players get paid more

Head NFL coachs those sons also are NFL coaches?

Phillips, Bum and WadeShula, Don and DaveMora, Jim and JimNolan, Dick and Mike

Why should nfl players get paid more than teachers?


Which is larger NFL football or college football?

Both footballs are the same length, but the college footballs are wider for the sports and not the balls college football has more teams but nfl has more money

Who gets paid more in the NFL?

MICHAEL VICK 27 million

Does NFL players get paid more then NBA players?

It depends on how good you are at the sport

Why does nba players get paid more than nfl players?

They dont actually.

Who makes more money the NFL of the NCAAF?

nfl by a lot, most college teams don't make a profit

Do soccer players get paid more than nfl players?

Yes by a lot on average.

Should NFL players get paid more?

In my opinion they shouldn't. Actually it should be decreased.

What is the highest scoring NFL college game ever?

There is no such thing as an "NFL college game". It's either college or NFL... not both.

How much did he get paid returning to the NFL?

how much did who get paid?

Which current NFL players have not gone to college?

All current NFL players have attended a college. However, some players entered the NFL draft before they graduated from college. To get into the NFL, you must first be drafted by an NFL team in the college draft. Therefore, you would have to go to college to get to the NFL.

What HBCU college has sent more football players to the NFL?

Howard University

Why do NFL players get paid?

They get paid alot because that is their job and as any other job the better the work the more they get paid. The get paid alot because of the money that comes in from all the fans

Do NFL players get paid while on suspension?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

How much nfl players get paid per year?

it depends which position for instance a qb get paid more than an offensive line man

Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers paid the highest?

They are paid the most in the NFL because they are the most sucesssful team in the NFL and they are awesome.

How much nfl player get paid per touchdown?

NFL players do not get paid extra money they only Can get endoursments

What is more intense the NFL or NCAA?

NCAA. The Players play for their college or for a future career, in NFL the guys just play for money.

Do nfl refs have to go to college?

no but you do, college

What college has sent more players in the NFL up until 2008?

Tennessee Vols