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Through the 2008 season, that has happened twice:

1) Bill Bradley, Philadelphia Eagles - led the NFL with 11 INTs in 1971 and 9 INTs in 1972.
2) Everson Walls, Dallas Cowboys - led the NFL with 11 INTs in 1981 and 7 INTs in 1982.

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Q: Who is only nfl player to lead the league in interceptions two years in a row?
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Did Bob Richardson lead the eastern Canadian Football League in interceptions for 1967?

In 1967 Bob Richardson, with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, lead the Eastern Division of the Canadian Football League in interceptions with 8 interceptions. The league leader in 1967 played in the Western Division (name? where they played one more game than they did in the Eastern Division) and on his last game he made his 9th interception.

Did Ben Roethlisberger ever lead the league in int's?

Yes. Ben Roethlisberger led the league in 2006, throwing 23 interceptions.

Who lead the NFL in Defensive interceptions in 2009?


Who lead Denver Broncos in interceptions in 2006?

CB Champ Bailey with 10.Bailey was tied with Asante Samuel of the New England Patriots for the NFL lead in interceptions in 2006.

Who was the first New Orleans Saint to lead the league in a statistical category?

In the Saints' inaugural season of 1967, defensive back Dave Whitsell tied Detroit Lions cornerback Lem Barney for the NFL lead in interceptions with 10.

What NFL player caught the most interceptions in 2009?

Four players tied for the interceptions lead in 2009 with nine: Jairus Byrd of the Buffalo Bills; Asante Samuel of the Philadelphia Eagles; Darren Sharper of the New Orleans Saints; and Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers.

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Who was the first Anaheim Angel to lead or tie for the American League home run crown in a season?

Bobby Grich was the first Angels player to lead the American League in home runs when he hit 22 in the 1981 season and tied with Tony Armas, Dwight Evans, and Eddie Murray for the league lead. The only other Angels player to win a league home run crown was Reggie Jackson who tied with Gorman Thomas for the league lead in 1982 with 39.

How many interceptions did brent grimes get in 2014?

Miami Dolphins corner back Brent Grimes received 5 interceptions in the 2014 NFL season. This lead him to his second straight pro bowl

Who was the smallest nba player to lead league in rebounds?

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When was the last time a cubs player lead the league in hits?

2011 starlin castro

How many interceptions did Asante Samuel have in the 2006 regular season?

Asante Samuel had 10 interceptions for 120 return yards in the 2006 season. He tied with Champ Bailey for the NFL lead in INTs for the season.