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Mis huevos

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Q: Who is on the Mexican soccer team for the Olympics?
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What is the name of the Mexican football team?

Mexican national soccer team name

Is the Mexican soccer team better than the us soccer team?


Who is on England's 2012 Olympics soccer team?

England doesn't have its own soccer team for the Olympics. Team GB will represent the UK in all events - not just soccer.

What is the first team sport in the Olympics?


What Mexican soccer team has the most fans?


Who is the best Mexican soccer team?

the tri color

Who is the poorest team in the Mexican Soccer League?


Which is the good team in Mexican soccer league?


Is Germany's soccer team in the Olympics?

yes of course

Does Mexico have any professional sports?

Yes it does. I am half Mexican and I know for sure soccer is the sport there and it is played professionally too. In fact, the Mexico soccer team won the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics this summer for soccer.

What are the team colors of the Mexican soccer team?

The team colours of the mexican football team are based on the Mexican flag. These are White, Red and Green, although Green usually dominates the jerseys.

Is the USA soccer team going to be in the Olympics?

Yes, they are for 2008

What Mexican soccer team has only Mexican members?

chivas its also the second oldest club

Most tense soccer tournament in Mexican soccer?

The most tense soccer tournament in Mexican soccer was the Apertura 2008 because it had changes and twists were at the end the best team won TOLUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?

They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)

What team is number one in Mexican soccer league?

Cruz Azul

Was Salvador Flores a goalie for Mexican national soccer team?


Guillermo ochoa what is your job?

He is a golakeeper for the Mexican soccer team America.

Which Mexican soccer team is the best?

chivas es el mejor

Did the US men's soccer team qualify for the 2012 Olympics?

No they didn't

What team in the 1908 soccer Olympics won the gold?

United Kingdom.

Who is the Super team of Mexican soccer league?

Its not Chivas i would say Pumas UNAM they are a very good soccer team.

How many soccer players are in the Mexican soccer team?

there are only 11 in the field but there are like 16-20 players overall in each team

What team won the 2012 London Olympics for soccer?

Mexico won the 2012 London olympics for soccer, impressively beating favorites brazil 2-1.

Is soccer in the Olympics?

Yes, soccer is in the olympics, for men and women. Yes, soccer is played in the Olympics