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nba Basketball player.sam smith is the oldest living

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Q: Who is oldest living former NCAA basketball coach?
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Who was the former women's basketball coach at Duke University?

Gail Goestenkors

Who Is The IPFW Basketball Coach?

The women's coach is former Saint Francis Star Player Chris Paul The men's coach is former Indiana Star Player Dane Fife

Who was the former National that became the first basketball coach of the Philadelphia 76er's?

Dolph Schayes

How did Christian Laettner began his career?

Christian Laettner began his career as an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and a basketball coach. His career now is with the Jacksonville Giants as a coach.

Is it boy's basketball coach or boys basketball coach?

it is actually boys' basketball coach

Famous basketball that's last name start with A?

Red Auerbach is the famous former basketball coach of the Boston Celtics. His last name begins with the letter A.

What should you get your basketball coach?

You should get your basketball coach a Basketball because they love Basketball

What is the name of the coach of the Denver nuggets?

George Matthew Karl (born May 12, 1951) is a former National Basketball Association (NBA) and American Basketball Association (ABA) player. He is the current head coach of the Denver Nuggets.

Who can help to me teach basketball lessons?

A basketball coach can help.

Who is the oldest active high school basketball coach?

Speedy Morris, St. Joseph's Prep (Philadelphia), 70 years old.

Is Pete Carroll the oldest NFL coach?

No, second oldest active coach

How did former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden die?

He was 99 years old and the official cause of death was Natural Causes.