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Q: Who is oldest dodgeball player?
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A old dodgeball player?

There are no legitimate professional dodgeball players.

Who played the romanian dodgeball player Fran in the movie dodgeball?

Missi Pyle

What is the girls name on dodgeball?

In the film 'dodgeball' the female player for the average joe's is called Kate Veatch.

What are the names of a famoue dodgeball player?

Collin Governski

What was derrick rose before he played basketball?

dodgeball player

Who is the best girl dodgeball player?

Sense it is an unofficial sport, it is impossible to determine the "best" female player.

How do you become a professional dodgeball player?

How much does a pro dodgeball player earn?

A friend of mine is a professional dodgeball player here in chicago. All his necessities such as vehicles, home, insurance, and living is paid for by the club. In addition, he is given around 120,000 a year for personal expenditure. This is without endorsements included.

Was Jim Carrey in dodgeball?

No, he was not in Dodgeball

Who is the oldest NHL player ever?

The oldest current player is Chris Chelios. I am guessing at the all-time oldest player to be Gordie Howe.

Who is the oldest player to win Wimbledon?

who is the oldest player to win Wimbledon

What happens when a player gets hit by a dodgeball and some one else cathes it how is out?

the person who throws is out

Who holds the record for Best Dodgeball Player?

I think it would have to be Stwart Rim. THat kids amazing

When was dodgeball invented?

Dodgeball was invented when the cavemen lived

Who is the oldest player ICC?

Oldest living Player: Norman Gordon SA (101 as at aug 2013) Oldest Active Player: Sachin Tendulkar IND

How do you play Prison Dodgeball?

its a simple answer really..........there is no prison dodgeball

Is it legal to play dodgeball in new jersey?

No dodgeball is not legal

Who is the oldest premiership player?

The oldest player was John Burridge, goalkeeper - 43 years old.

Who is the oldest player in the WNBA?

The oldest player is Taj McWilliams-Franklin playing for NY Liberty.

What experienced increased popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


Who is the oldest player on Barcelona fc today?

The oldest player in FC Barcelona today is Andres Inesta

Who is the oldest active player in the NBA?

With Shaquille O'Neal's retirement, Kurt Thomas is the current oldest player.

Oldest active college football player?

who is the oldest active college football player right now?

Oldest football player in history of football?

The Oldest football player in history of football is George Blanda.

Who is the oldest player to play in the English Premier League?

ryan giggs is the oldest player in the premier league