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Frank Lampard

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Q: Who is older Frank lampard or John terry?
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Which two Chelsea players celebrated playing 500 games for Chelsea this season?

John Terry and Frank Lampard

What footballers support rangers?

John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ryan Giggs and Scott Brown . ALSO BORAT

Who are the World Cup players for England?

Frank Lampard , John Terry, Ashley Cole ,Stephan Gerrard , Joe Cole ,

Who is chelsea's best soccer player?

This season it has been Didier Drogba but Frank Lampard and John Terry have been solid as usual.

Top five highest paid players in English premier league?

It John Terry, Frank Lampard, Dider drogba, Michael essien and Wayne Rooney.

Who are the star players in the England team at the FIFA world cup 2010?

Steven Gerrard Wayne Rooney John Terry Ashley Cole Frank Lampard Rio Ferdinand

5 most paid players in Chelsea fc?

The five costliest players at Chelsea are Dider Drogba, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and Michael Essien.

The latest top ten highest paid football players in Europe?

Ronaldo, Kaka, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Samuel etoo, Buffon, Ibrahimovic, Beckham Totti.

10 highest paid footballers in English premiership league?

John terry, frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand,Steven gerrard, Ashley Cole, Michael Essien,, Petr Cech, Fernando tores Fabregas.

Who are the top ten earners in the premiership?

Wayne rooney, frank lampard, john terry, ashleyy cole, nemanja vidic, david silva, edin dzeko, didier drogba, dimittar berbatov and carlos tevezw

Who is the highest paid player in Chelsea?

The best players of Chelsea soccer team include Frank Lampard, Dider Dorgba, Wayne Bridge, William Gallas, John Terry, Mark Hughes, etc. People have their own best player in mind depending on different criteria. However, based on overall popularity, Frank Lampard is considered the best player by most of people.

What is the salary structure of Chelsea fc players?

Frank Lampard - 150,000 John Terry - 130,000 Shevchenko & Ballack - 120,000 J Cole & Drogba - 90,000 Cech, Carvalho & A Cole - 60,000 Maklelele, Belletti & Alex - 50,000 John Obi Mikel - 40,000