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Q: Who is older David Beckham or katie price?
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Who is more famous Katie Price or Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham. Remember she has all her fame from her Spice Girls day. Katie Price had lots of publicity at the moment (which hasn't been great)

What is Katie price brother name?

Daniel Price (older)

What else did Katie price want to be when she was older?

She wanted to be a singer

What books has Katie price wrote?

Katie Price - Paradise Katie Price - Sapphire Katie Price - I'm Still Standing Katie Price- Angel Katie Price -Angel Uncovered Katie Price - Starting over Katie Price - You only live once Katie Price - Pirate Olympics Katie Price - Katie the Mermaid Katie Price - Crystal Katie Price - Standing out Katie Price - Being Jordan Katie Price - Jordan: A whole new World Katie Price - Jordan: Pushed to the Limit

How much did David Beckham's mens diamond earrings cost?

One cannot know the exact price David Beckham paid for his mens diamond earrings but it is believed they cost in the region of $12,000. He and his wife are well known for their expensive fashion tastes.

Is Katie price on facebook?

Yes,she is under katie Price (katie 'rp Price)

Does Katie price suffer with any health problems?

No, but she could get Cancer when shes older because she uses sunbeds.

What is Katie price's Facebook?

Katie price is hot

Is Katie Price a Muslim?

No, Katie Price is not a Muslim.

Who does Katie price work for?

Katie Price works for herself.

Who is Katie price currantly dating?

Katie Price is currently with nobody.

Where did Katie price get her horse?

Katie Price got her horse from Germany.

What College did Katie Price go to?

Katie price did not go to College.

Is Katie price from England?

Yes, Katie Price is from Brighton, England

What other celebrity style autobiographies are there. I already have Katie Price's 'Standing Out' and Victoria Beckham's 'That extra Half Inch'. Any others?

Cheryl Cole (my personal favourite), Jade Goody, Kerry Katona,

When was Katie Price born?

Katie Price was born on May 22, 1978.

What nationality is Katie price?

Katie Price (Also Known As Jordan) Is British!!!!

What did Katie price build?

Katie Price, Built A Modeling Career, And A Family!!

What is Katie price's daughters name?

Katie Price's Daughter is called Princess

What country did Katie price come from?

Katie price is from Brighton, United Kingdom.

What is Katie Price really like?

Katie Price is probobly a lovely person.

What does Katie price believe in?

Katie price belives in god and Jesus christ

Were is Katie price new house?

Katie price's new house is in Horsham.

What is Katie price real name?

Her real name is Katie Price her modeling name is Jordan

Who is Katie Price's mother?

Katie Price is the daughter of Amy Price and Ray Infield.