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Messi is number 10 in Barcelona since Ronaldinho went to Ac Milan

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Q: Who is number ten in Barcelona?
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What is the jersey number of Lionel Messi for Barcelona?

the jersey number of lionel messi for barcalona is 10(ten)

How many Barcelona players at world cup 2010?

There are roughly ten Barcelona players in the 23 .

Who wears number six for Barcelona?

Xavi wears number six for Barcelona.

When was Francesc Ten born?

Francesc Ten was born in 1968, in Calella, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Top-ten richest football club in the world?

number one is Manchester city number two QPR number three Manchester united number four real Madrid number probably Chelsea or Barcelona

What is jersey number of Lionel Messi for Barcelona?

The jersey number of leo messi for barcelona and argentina is 10

How many cups do fc Barcelona have?

Barcelona have a total of 56 trophies, they won two in this year in ten days time.

What number does messi wear for Barcelona?

Lionel Messi proudly wears the number 10 for his team FC Barcelona

When was Aida Ten born?

Aida Ten was born on January 31, 1995, in Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Who is the manager of Barcelona FC?

The coach of Barcelona is Joseph Guardiola he is a former Barcelona player. and wore jersey number 4 in the 1990s.

Did messi wear number 32 for Barcelona?

no number 10

Who is number 20 in Barcelona?

Ibrahim Afellay

Where can one locate apartments to rent in Barcelona?

There are a number of websites where one can locate apartments to rent in Barcelona. Some of these include, Tourist Guide Barcelona, Oh Barcelona and Go BCN.

When is the next Barcelona match?

On Thursday 9 march 12:30 am On ten sports

Who is number 26 in FC Barcelona?

Marc Muniesa is number 26 :)

What number is Messi?

messi is number 10 for Barcelona and 10 for Argentina

What are some 5 star hotels in Barcelona?

There are a number of five star hotels in Barcelona. Some of them include: Arts Hotel Barcelona, Casa Fuster Hotel, Claris Hotel Barcelona, and Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona.

What number is neymar?

neymar number is number 11 (in FC Barcelona) and number 10 (Brazil)

What number did johan cruyff wear at Barcelona?


What was johan neeskens shirt number at Barcelona?


Who wears the number 8 shirt for Barcelona?


How many la liga titles did Barcelona win?

21 Ten Less Then Real Madrid

What number was Lionel messi before he was number 10?

He had #19 for Barcelona FC

Barcelona players who wore the number 7 shirt?


What number is Marc muniesa?

5, on Barcelona's B-Team