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Rudy Gay, Michael Redd and Brandon Roy

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Q: Who is number in the NBA is 22?
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What players wear number 22 in NBA?

Tayshaun Prince, Anthony Morrow

Who has 22 in the NBA?


What NBA players wear the number 22?

The jersey number 22 has been retired for NBA players Clyde Drexler, Elgin Baylor and Dave DeBusschere. The number was also worn by Rolando Blackman and John Salley, among others. It was also the number worn in high school by Sarah Palin. - Courtesy of Wikipedia

Who is Taj Gibson?

taj gibson is number 22 power forward for the chicago bulls nba basketball team

How old was michael jordan when he came back to the nba?

When he first came into the NBA he was 22.

What was the price of NBA Finals tickets in 1962?


What NBA players wear number 28?

No current NBA players wear number 28.

What is the number for NBA?


Who is number 22 in the national basketball league?

There have been 238 players who wore the number 22 in the NBA and ABA. Some notable current players are Corey Brewer, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, Tayshaun Prince, Michael Redd

Is there a player in the NBA with the number 41?

Dirk Nowitzki and James Posey both have the number 41 in the NBA.

How many ounces are in a NBA basketball?

18 to 22 ounces

Was Dwyane Wade 22 when he enter the NBA?

nohe was 20

Who in the NBA wears a size 22 shoe?

Darrell Rosser

How many players from UConn have won NBA championships?


Which college teams has most nba players?

Kentucky with 22..

How old was Michael Jordan when he first came into NBA?


How old was Michael Jordan when he first came into the nba?


Which NBA players wear number 9?

the person who wears number 9 in the nba would be Tony Parker...

Who wears number 57 in the NBA?

Hilton Armstrong became the first NBA player to wear number 57.

What is the NBA channel number?

Well I have COMCAST and the NBA Network channel is 913.

Is the NBA retiring the number 23?


What day is the NBA draft?

The 2010 NBA Draft is scheduled to be on Thursday, June 22, 2010. At 7.00 PM ET.

What is Number of basketball teams in the NBA?

As of 2005 there are 30 teams in the NBA. well the number one for Florida are Miami heats

Who makes the most money in the NBA?

Kevin Garnett 22 million

What number draft was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?

number 5